This is our first year as the National Bareback Riding Hall Of Fame & Museum and we will be honoring just one individual in 2020. In 2021 we should be in full bloom and moving ahead with a full list of nominees.

2020 Honoree

Earl Bascom:

The National Rodeo Bareback Riding Hall of Fame has officially inducted its first honoree – rodeo champion and cowboy artist Earl W. Bascom. “It is befitting to honor Earl Bascom as the first inductee of the National Rodeo Bareback Riding Hall of Fame,” states Jim Liles, director of the hall of fame and museum. “Bascom is a legend and a pioneer in the world of rodeo bareback riding.” Headquartered in Congress, Arizona, the hall of fame induction took place on Saturday, July 25th. What better day to make this announcement than on the “National Day Of The Cowboy”. Bascom was one of a rodeo family known as the “Bronc Bustin’ Bascom Boys.” Born in Utah in 1906 and raised in Canada, Bascom has been called the “father of the modern-day bareback rigging” and “father of modern rodeo bareback riding.” Bascom worked on J.A. Scorup’s Lost Creek Ranch near Salina in the 1930’s. In 1924, 95 years ago, Bascom thought up, designed and made rodeo’s first one-handed bareback rigging. This was in an era when rodeos were using a variety of riding methods from holding the horse’s mane or holding on to a loose twisted rope, to using two-hand and even three-handed surcingle riggings. Bascom’s one-hand rigging helped rodeo bareback riding become a permanent part of the international sport of rodeo. “Bascom’s rigging completely changed the bareback riding event, making it a safer and yet more exciting rodeo event,” Director Liles pointed out. The Bascom Rigging of 1924 became the prototype design for all modern bareback riggings and was the official standard pattern adopted by the Cowboys Turtle Association (later known as the Rodeo Cowboys Association) when it was formed in the 1930’s. Bascom is acknowledged by many as the “Father of Modern Rodeo” and “rodeo’s greatest innovator and inventor.” He not only invented the one-hand bareback rigging, but he had other innovations including the rodeo bucking chute. One hundred years ago in 1919, Bascom designed and made the first side-opening bucking chute which is now standard equipment used in modern rodeo arenas. Today, variations of the Bascom Rigging and variations of his 1919 bucking chute are produced by a number of manufacturers or makers and are used at rodeos and by rodeo associations around the world. The Bascom rigging and bucking chute are part of the history in the latest 250th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica in the section of “Rodeo

Our first Honoree.