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I am in the process of creating minerature bronze statuets to help support the NBBHOF. Part of the proceeds from these bronzes will go directly to support the museum portion of the NBBHOF. All of the Bronzes in this collection are done in 1/4 scale.


4″” Tall not including latigos, cinch and base. This riggin is somewhat unusual as it was built with both bars on top. Very few of this design were ever manufactured. Price: $500.00 +shipping.

Actual size

This riggin is an exact replica of the riggin Larry Mahan rode in the 60’s. The body was a Dixon and the handhold was a G-G built by Dennis George. The riggin now sits in the BBHOF museum, donated by Dennis George. Limited edition of 6. Price: $475 + shipping

“The 1911”,   Triple handhold.

This is one of the first bareback riggins’ ever used and directly followed the use of a loose rope.  This small sculpture done in 1/4th scale is now in bronze and available at $475. Only 12 will be cast.

“The Dance Of The Golden Rein”
This bronze is a replica of a G-G bronc saddle from the early 70’s. It stands 8″ tall and is about 8 1/2″ long.  The price is $975 plus shipping. It comes with an autographed copy of the poem, “The Dance Of The Golden Rein”. The poem can be reviewed on the poetry page. Limited edition of 50
“The Eye Of The Storm”

This great sculpture stands 10″ tall and is a representation of a ABBI bull my wife owns part interest in. His name is “Wild Eyes”. The ear tags can represent the name and number of your bull. Price: $1200.00 + shipping Limited edition of 50.

“Daddy’s Hat”

This little bronze was created as a tribute to my daughter Shelly and stands about 7″ tall. Notice the tongue sticking out? Originally sculpted as a gift for my daughter. This makes a fantastic gift for your daughter. Price: is $600.00 + shipping Limited edition of 50.

“Fixin The Binds”

This great little sculpture of a cowboy working on his riggin’ has been chosen to be used as the gift to be given to all National Bareback Hall Of Fame Honorees rather than a buckle. Originally sculpted as a gift for my son. These are no longer for sale and will be used only for the NBBHOF.